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Devoted Professionals, Perfect Browser Extensions, And Happy End-users


Do you need a weather forecast, a specific reminder, or a plug-in that will connect your social network usage to another network? Do you need to upload different files and data to specific servers or networks? That’s where these people step in. Emanuele Ruffaldi was born in Italy where he completed his education, receiving the Ph.D. in Perceptual Robotics in 2006. Part of his dissertation was in human biomechanics. After completing his biomechanics research, he turned his attention to programming and robotics.

He and many other developers devoted much of their time to making extensions that are affordable and well integrated with other tools. Today, their extensions use an incredibly large number of users because they are fast, reliable, efficient, do not slow down the browser, and look after the privacy of their users.

Perfect Browser Extensions

These programmers are making plug-ins, add-ons, and extensions for various browsers in a title of third-party developers, meaning that they are not hired by such companies but that they make these little programs by themselves, making browsers more adjustable to its end-users and meeting the needs that are presented on this market by the people who use them.

How to make a premium product

The best browser plugins follow similar trajectories as the best physical products. Many of the more recent plugins have incorporated industrial design strategies. The simpler the product, the better the design, and often the more accurate carryover to software products. For example, in 2008 the Firefox core product team used the simplicity of china chop sticks materials to strip a basic browser of more than 126 different features and in the process increase speed 37%.

In order for a particular extension to become popular and widely used, it really has to be a top product on the market. The secret lies in simplicity – its function must be clear and direct, its design simple and understandable. Users need to go through a simple and short process and with just one click they should run the extension they need. A superior extension must only work for what it is intended for, and nothing else, in order to be light and easy to use.


Listening to users and their needs is one of the important steps involved in integrating any extensions into existing systems. Microsoft has repeatedly discarded it’s operating system in order to build a newer, better version.

Extension should not badly interfere with browser nor computer. Integrations are a major part of success. Sometimes developers of the application themselves make real integration, mainly those who are active users of the extension, trying to build something that would fit their needs. Also, integration has a great deal of merit for the acquisition of new users.