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In the simplest, programming could be explained as writing very detailed instructions to a machine (desktop, mobile, robot). The point is that when writing instructions, we need to be very precise because computers (still) cannot think independently.Before programmers begin to write programs, they need to consult with those who will use them. 

It will familiarize the end-user requirements of the program. In fact, this step determines how the program will look, what functions it will have, whether it will provide full freedom to its users, and so on. In other words, the design of the program largely depends on the discussions with the end users.


Extensions and plug-ins are very important components of browsers.

Before installing an extension or plug-in, fewer extensions and plug-ins are installed the speed and stability of the browser is greater. And that is what I inspire to change.

Too many extensions or plug-ins, or any badly written extension can slow down your browser, create conflicts, slow down the opening of web pages, and crash your browser, exponentially increase ram consumption by blocking or slowing down the entire computer. My goal is to change all that trough this blog page.

What ​experience do I personally have with this? Take a look at these rose toy amazon pages here to ​see the most recent WebApps I've built. That's the most recent clients out of 27 total clients I've worked for in the past 6-years of building web apps and browser extensions. This website is my side-project to explain the basics of how these things work.

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